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A list of some major air carriers in Athens for your reservations. Aegean Air and Olympic Airways (marked in red) can be used for travel within Greece.
Also listed are flight charter and air-taxi carrriers.

Air Carriers:

Aegean Arlines
Athens: Tel: 210-9988350
Reservations: 210-9988300

Air Canada
Maroussi: Tel: 210-8175321

Air France
Reservations: 210-9601100

Athens: Tel: 210-9988890
Reservations: 210-9988888

British Airways
Reservations: 210-8906666

Cronus Airlines
Reservations: 210-3315502-4

Delta Airlines
Reservations: 210-3311678-81

Gold Air (American Airlines)
Reservations: 210-3311045-6

KLM (Royal Dutch)
Reservations: 210-9605000

Reservations: 210-6175200

Olympic Airways:
Reservations: 210-9269111

Air Taxi / Charters:

KAL Aviation, S.A.
Glyfada. Tel: 210-9601046-8

Lions Air
Kallithea. Tel 210-9235353-4

Macedonian Airlines
Athens. Tel: 210-9267359

ValkanAir, S.A.
Athens. Tel: 210-3227003

Euro Air
Athens Int'l Airport
Tel: 210-3530123

InterJet Hellenic Aviation
Glyfada, Tel: 210-9612050

Hellas Wings
Athens Int'l Airport

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