Rent a car in Andros Greece with euro car rent-a-car and jeep specialist in Gavrio, Andros

Euro car andros: rent a car and jeep in andros Greece. Located at the port of Gavrio in Andros. We offer low prices on late model cars and jeeps. Make your reservations now!

Gavrio Port, Andros Greece. Tel: +30-22820-71312, 72440, 72350 Mobile: +30-6934616986


CAR HIRE SPECIAL - Receive a 10% discount when you reserve your car 40 days in advance.

Terms and Conditions

1.  Rates Include: - Oi crewseiV perilambanoun:

Third Party Liability, 13% VAT, baby seats.

Asfaleia proV tritouV, 13% FPA, paidiko kaqisma.

2.  Insurance and other coverage: - Asfaleia & alleV kaluyeiV:

EuroCar provides primary limited liability insurance protection at no additional charge. Protection applies to the customer and additional authorised drivers against liability to third parties, in case of an accident. Damages to the EuroCar vehicle are not covered.

Full insurance is an optional service which relieves you of some responsibility for damage to the rental car, provided that the vehicle is used in accordance to the terms of the rental agreement.

Further details for charges etc., can be obtained by
contacting us

H Euro Car prosferei asfaleia proV tritouV cwriV epibarunsh. H prostasia anaferetai ston pelath kai epipleon exousiodothmenouV odhgouV. ZhmieV se ochmata thV Euro Car den kaluptontai.

PlhrhV asfaleia einai epilogh tou pelath, h opoia apallassei apo merikh euqunh gia zhmieV sto enoikiazomeno ochma, me thn proupoqesh oti to ochma crhsimopoihqhke sumfwna me touV orouV kai sunqhkeV thV sumfwniaV enoikiashV.

PerissotereV plhroforieV gia epibarunseiV diatiqentai katopin epikoinwniaV
mazi maV.

3.  Driver's licence:.- Adeia OdhghshV:

At the time of rental the renter must present a valid driver's lisence that was been held for a minimum of one year. An international driver's lisence is also recommended.

Thn stigmh enoikiashV, o enoikiasthV prepei na parousiash iscuousa adeia odhghshV toulaciston gia ena etoV. DieqnhV adeia odhghshV einai apodekth.

4.  Age Restrictions: - Orio HlikiaV:

The minimum rental age is 23 years.

To elacisto orio hlikiaV einai 23 etwn.

5.  Method of payment: - MeqodoV plhrwmhV:

EuroCar accepts cash and most major Credit Cards.

H Euro Car decetai metrhta kai oleV tiV kurieV pistwtikeV karteV.

6.  Fuel: - Kausima:

Fuel consumption is the responsibility of the renter.

H katanalwsh kausimwn plhrwnetai apo ton enikoiasth.

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