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Naxos hotels in naxos island

Hotels in Naxos:

Oasis Studios:
Mikri Vigla
B Category
Open: May - October
Rooms: 8 (2, 3 or 4 persons)
120 meters from the beach
8 Kilometers from the port
Tel: (22850) 75494

To Horio tou Kavoura
Agios Prokopios
B Category
Rooms 5 (bungalows)
Open May-October
Tel: 22850-23705
Fax: 22850-25802

Mikri Vigla
Near the beach at Mikri Vigla
B Category Rooms 86
Open April-October.
Tel: 22850-75241
Fax: 22850-75240

Naxos island is believed to be the place where God Dionysos lived and taught the inhabitants to cultivate wine, according to mythology. It owes its name to Naxos, son of the Greek God Poseidon.
In the 12th century A.D. Naxos became the center of the Duchy of the Aegean and was eventually conquered by the pirate Barbarossa.
It is a large island (448 sq. km.) with a good road network and many places of interest. At "Grotta" you'll find the remnants of a Mycenean settlement and near the town lies the doorway of a temple of Apollo built in 6th century B.C.

There is daily ferry service from Pireaus and Rafina and yacht refueling facilities; the island has a domestic airport, as well.

There are plenty of beaches  to enjoy here and many folk happenings through-out the island.
In "Apeiranthos" you'll find fine specimens of handwoven fabrics and hand-crafted art objects. Visit "Vivlos" and "Kinidari" to experience folk dances in the main square. Go to "komiaki Sangri" for the most picturesque tavernas and local food dining. Last, but not least, try to visit the
Naxos Museum in the capital.

Rent a Car and Travel Agencies in Naxos

Funsea Travel Agency (car rental)
In Hora
Tel: 22850-26114 Fax: 22850-26114
Athens office: 210-6668056

Avra Tours
Tel: 22850-25255 Fax: 22850-24370

Century Tours and Travel
Tel: 22850-22752 Fax: 22850-24884

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