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Santorini: Commercial Land for sale, 24,000 square meters with private beach frontage and view of the caldera.

Ideally suited for commercial purposes this exclusive 24,000 sq. meters parcel features a private beach among a fantastic view of the infamous santorini caldera, the aegean sea and the volcano.

Under current building legistlation, the buildable area is 3,600 square meters.

Location: Akrotiri in Santorini.

Hotels and apartments in Santorini:

Aeolos Villas (Traditional furnished villas) cat A
Tel: 22860-23321, Fax: 22860-23839

Afroditi cat A
Kamari, Tel: 22860-32760, Fax: 22860-32764
Open April-October, 65 rooms.

Dolphins Villade cat B
Kamari, 10 meters from the beach
Tel: 22860-33177, Fax: 22860-31870

Porto Fira cat B traditional hotel
Fira, Tel: 22860-22849, Fax: 22860-23098

Nissos Thira cat C furnished apartments
Fira, Tel: 22860-23252 Fax: 22860-24028

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Car Rental in Santorini:

Acropolis Rent a Car
Fira, Tel: 22860-23896, Fax: 22860-24047

Ankor Rent a Car
Perissa, Tel: 22860-81156, Fax: 22860-63083

Budget Rent a Car
Tel: 22860-22900, Fax: 22860-22887

Ia, Tel: 22860-71360, Fax: 22860-22887

Camping Sites in Santorini:

Caldera View
Megalohori, Tel: 22860-82010, Fax: 22860-81889

Kamari Camping
Episkopis Corner

Perissa Beach
Perissa, Tel: 22860-81343, Fax: 22860-81604

Fira, Tel: 22860-22944, Fax: 22860-25065

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